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Atheists vs. Theists – Who is Drilling Who this time??

Posted by boviggs on October 4, 2007

Okay, here’s another group trying to screw another.  Atheists vs. “the religious”.  Usually it’s the radical religious wingnuts criticizing those outside their religion or those not prescribing to their view of “moral values” (George Bush, anyone?).  But here, the Atheists take no quarter:  Religion Must Be Destroyed, Atheist Alliance Declares.

This excerpt is key:

Dawkins was particularly critical of parents who raise their children as a “Catholic child” or “Protestant child.” Children must not be labeled as subscribing to a particular religion, he said, and should be allowed to examine the evidence and determine their beliefs for themselves.”

Bottom line: children (and adults, for that matter) should be allowed to look at the world, ask questions, and determine their own beliefs.

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