Sex or Politics?

…In politics, it seems everyone’s trying to screw each other…

Two Who Screw … Get Screwed!

Posted by boviggs on October 4, 2007

Great!  Two political entities who like to screw each other …….. GET SCREWED BY THE PEOPLE!

Approval of Bush, Congress Hits New Low

Bush           vs.           congress1.jpg


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Atheists vs. Theists – Who is Drilling Who this time??

Posted by boviggs on October 4, 2007

Okay, here’s another group trying to screw another.  Atheists vs. “the religious”.  Usually it’s the radical religious wingnuts criticizing those outside their religion or those not prescribing to their view of “moral values” (George Bush, anyone?).  But here, the Atheists take no quarter:  Religion Must Be Destroyed, Atheist Alliance Declares.

This excerpt is key:

Dawkins was particularly critical of parents who raise their children as a “Catholic child” or “Protestant child.” Children must not be labeled as subscribing to a particular religion, he said, and should be allowed to examine the evidence and determine their beliefs for themselves.”

Bottom line: children (and adults, for that matter) should be allowed to look at the world, ask questions, and determine their own beliefs.

SoP Out…

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U.S. vs. Canadian Health Care

Posted by boviggs on October 1, 2007

For example, the other day I received this forwarded email, purportedly from a citizen of Canada complaining about Canada’s “universal” health care system.   Now, do I just believe this supposed Canadian; it’s obvious that if you take it hook, line, and sinker, that this system sucks.  Or does this “person” have a hidden agenda?  So, I conducted some advanced academic/scientific research (i.e., googled) and found some other perspectives, such as this and that

Is someone trying to subvert the political process by sending out a bogus email from a “disenfranchised Canadian”.  No one would do that, would they??  Or, are the authors of the alternate perpsectives doing likewise?  Who does one believe?  How do you decide what’s fact and what’s fiction?  Does someone, or everyone, have an agenda???  Now I remember why so many people don’t vote!  Why so many HATE POLITICS!!

 SoP Out…

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Political Moron

Posted by boviggs on October 1, 2007

I’ve been around the block.  I  am “educated“.   I read.  I listen.  I took Government and History in high school (albiet, lonnnng ago).   Then, why do I feel like a moron when it comes to politics?  Here, I shall explore the process of trying to “figure out” U.S. and world politics.

SoP Out…

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