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Red + Blue = Purple

Posted by boviggs on October 5, 2007

Damn!  I thought I had made this up, coined a new term.   In politics, the color “red” is often used to refer to the conservative (Republican) side of the spectrum, and “blue” for the liberal (Democratic) side.  Since my views are generally a mix of Blue, Red, and in the middle, I grew frustrated about how to describe my political color.  Then it hit me: I’m Purple!  And I thought I had coined a new concept, one that would color the phraseology in our vast political media/blog universe (“purple voters”, “purplestates”, etc.).  Maybe I’d become a new media/blog star, perhaps get my own Wikipedia entry!  Alas: Purple America.


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Two Who Screw … Get Screwed!

Posted by boviggs on October 4, 2007

Great!  Two political entities who like to screw each other …….. GET SCREWED BY THE PEOPLE!

Approval of Bush, Congress Hits New Low

Bush           vs.           congress1.jpg

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