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Harry Potter Headmaster Gay

Posted by boviggs on October 22, 2007

albus-dumbledore.jpg  Okay, a lame joke lurks somewhere here about a porn movie title involving the terms “Harry Potter” and “Headmaster“.   On a more serious side, one would anticipate that religious zealots would be horrified that their children have been revering a gay character.  But oh nevermind — these religious wingnuts haven’t been allowing their children to read the evil satanic magic in Harry Potter anyway.  And getting back to lame jokes, there could not have been a better photo to grace this story, could there (“Did you see the size of that wizard’s wand?!?“) ?

 Dumbledore was gay, JK tells amazed fans


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Where are YOU on the Politicial Spectrum?

Posted by boviggs on October 12, 2007

This is an interesting link on the various types of political viewpoints across various axis of the political spectrum:
Not sure how I’d be labeled.  I thought I was more libertarian — I believe essentially that a person can do as they please, as long as they do not harm other people.  That’s why, socially, I tend to be pretty liberal.  Nothing wrong w/gays.  Have whatever sex you want, as long as everyone involved is of age and is consenting.  Government should *not* be in the business of dictating, or even policing, morals as long as people follow the cardinal rule — do not harm others.  I think there needs to be freedom of religion (whether you are Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Atheist, or like me– very personal relationship with God, but not into the organized religions) along with seperation of church and state (that is the fundamental problem with many of the Muslim countries).  I personally think O’Reilly spent too much time on the whole Christmas issue. 
And freedom of speech is crucial; that is one area I was flat against the Republicans, wasting so much time and energy on the flag burning issue when there are so many other problems in the world.  I personally don’t like to burn flags, and do not like it when others burn flags, but they should be able to burn flags if that’s what gets them off (again, as long as they aren’t physically hurting or endangering other people, or breaking any arson laws).

Fiscally, I tend towards being more conservative. People need to be incented to work for what they get, and rewarded for high achievement (profits on stock, etc.).  However, pure Capitalism doesn’t work any better than Communism or Socialism – that is why the U.S. has government has worked w/checks & balances against monopoly, corruption, etc.  On the other hand, I believe there needs to be some kind of safety net for those who are disadvantaged, but I don’t believe in welfare.  Nor do I believe in racial quotas or any other such preferential treatments.  I am strongly against racism of any kind — including the reverse racism that happens with things like quotas.
I don’t believe in high taxes, but on the other hand, our society couldn’t survive without some taxation and too many people react in a knee-jerk manner if some tax somewhere needs to increase.
And more radically, I think that many drugs need to be decriminalized (like marijuana) and regulated, and prostitution should be legal and regulated.  If a woman (or man for that matter) goes to a bar and gets a guy to buy her drinks all nightm, then has sex with him, that’s legal.  But if woman is honest and says, hey I just want to do this for money, and bangs the guy, it’s illegal?  Why?  Again, the cardinal rule – one may do as one pleases as long as no one else is harmed and everyone is of age and consenting.  Perhaps prostitution is immoral — but Government should not be policing morals.  (as an side, the funny thing is, the Bible in the Old Testament is okay with prostitution; in fact God handed out prostitutes as a favor at times).  As another aside, I don’t feel it is very moral for a married person to use prostitutes, but that is not a prostitution issue, as married people should not have affairs either, but having an affair is not illegal.
Other miscellaneous views:
– I am more like conservatives when it comes to illegal aliens.
– I am against the cluster fuck in Iraq, but that does not mean I am against any war or against the military.  In fact, I believe in a strong defense and I think after 9/11 we should have gone after other foes who really had ties to 9/11, or were greater threats.  Going into Iraq and continuing to stay there has made us less safe in the world today.
– Abortion for me is the hardest issue of all.  I flip back and forth on this issue all the time. One could say it is killing, but then masterbating could also be considered killing, and if *that* were true I’d be facing multiple life sentences,  I think it is too difficult for society to draw a line as to when life begins, so I tend to therefor side with the position that a woman needs to determine for herself how to handle a pregancy, not the government.
So, I’m not sure how I’d be labeled but the bottom line is: Do what you want, but harm no one else.

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