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Independent political viewpoints — Useless and Cowardly?

Posted by boviggs on October 19, 2007

An individual posted a claim here that one must subscribe to either Democrat or Republican principles, and that having independent viewpoints is cowardly.  So, if I agree wholeheartedly with Republican viewpoints A, B, & C and at the same time I agree with Democrat viewpoints X, Y, & Z — then that is cowardly?  Michael’s view seems to be that one must swallow a particular ideology — either Repub or Demo — hook, line, and sinker. I disagree, and I stand by being an Independent.  I’m interested to hear what other readers feel about Michael’s view that an independent political mindset is useless and cowardly.

Michael: “Indies Essentially Irrelevant”


2 Responses to “Independent political viewpoints — Useless and Cowardly?”

  1. jonolan said

    LOL! I’ll sign my soul over to whichever of the parties actually represents ALL of what I want for this country. Until that astronomically unlikely event happens people like this Michael can crawl over and kiss my butt. I’d say ass but the ganglia they have instead of brains might confuse the word for an indication of Democratic support.

  2. geothermic said

    geothermic says : I absolutely agree with this !

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