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Love thine enemy? ACLU supports Christian Soldier as Conscientious Objector

Posted by boviggs on October 17, 2007

Interesting twist — the ACLU helped this Christian soldier get an honorable discharge as a conscientious objector:

“Love thy enemy” — U.S. soldier gets discharge


5 Responses to “Love thine enemy? ACLU supports Christian Soldier as Conscientious Objector”

  1. Dean said

    Well, the ACLU is not simply an anti-Christian organization, but they do end up fighting a lot of issues concerning Christianity. I’m wondering what made this guy shift his faith in such a dramatic direction to make him want to be discharged. Probably should have thought of that before joining.

  2. Misanthropic Scott said


    I don’t understand. You said, ‘Well, the ACLU is not simply an anti-Christian organization ….’

    The ACLU is not anti-Christian at all!! Why would you think that they are?

    As was pointed out by one of the readers (John Q) on my blog topic ‘ACLU too Liberal?’, the ACLU has gone to bat for Rush Limbaugh and for the KKK, one an obvious Christian and the other a white Christian supremacist organization. The ACLU goes to bat for anyone whose rights are being denied.

    It is true that the rights of the majority are not often denied in the way that the rights of the minority are. So, perhaps there are simply fewer cases for the ACLU to defend white Christians in this country. But, the ACLU has an excellent record of standing up for all of our rights. I am proud to be a card carrying member since 1994.

  3. jonolan said

    The first time you walk through the aftermath of a firefight it can dramatically change your views on what’s right and just. It should dispel any fantasies of “the glory of war”.

  4. jonolan said

    I would have to say that the ACLU is in fact an Anti-Christian organization. They regularly and consistently promote behaviors that are in direct contravention of Christian morals. They attack most legislation that seeks to enforce behavior consistent with Christian morals.

    This is not to say that they desire in way way to abolish Christianity. They just want to ensure that everyone can do whatever they want – even if it is against “The Word of God”. The ACLU has no morals; they have only the ethics of Civil Liberties taken to the extreme. This is not necessarily a bad thing at all, but it does put them directly at odds with Christians who are taught that some things are wrong.

  5. Misanthropic Scott said


    Sorry, you have it completely and utterly mixed up. The ACLU wants separation of church and state. They definitely advocate that people should be able to believe whatever nonsense they want, but simply cannot legislate that others must do so.

    As for morals, we certainly do NOT get them from the Bible in this day and age. And, that’s a really great thing. The Bible twists our natural sense of morals almost beyond all recognition. The Bible is the antithesis of morality.

    The Bible explicitly teaches people that homosexuals must be stoned to death. The Bible explicitly teaches that those who work on the sabbath must be stoned to death. The Bible explicitly states that if your own child or loved one comes to you and says ‘let us worship other gods’, it is your responsibility to cast the first stone to set an example.

    The bible states that if a woman is raped outside city limits, she must be given the benefit of the doubt that she did indeed cry out, but no one heard her. So, the rapist is punished by being forced TO MARRY HER!! (Who got punished here?) The Bible states that if a woman is raped inside city limits that she must not have cried out, else someone would have come to her aid. Therefore, she hath made a whore of herself and must be stoned to death.

    The bible also advocates genocide. Look at the story of Joshua at Jericho. Replace the names with Kublai and some other ancient city. See if it still sounds moral and just to you. Leave nothing alive that breatheth??!!? What could the innocent children and animals have done to deserve that?

    That we do not behave this way today is precisely because people are born with morals processing centers in the brain. These centers let all but the fundamentalists among us look at the Bible and mentally edit out the bad violent vicious parts and pay attention only to the relatively few good words.

    So, in short, the ACLU is far more moral than the likes of many (most?) religious leaders. Even today, the Bible continues to incite violence among those with either poorly developed moral centers or too strong a Christian indoctrination to overcome the violence of religion. Look at the IRA. Look at the clinic bombings. Look at the doctor assassinations. How could one claim to be moral and set off high explosives in populated areas? How? Because of religion. When one knows that one is Right, horrific violence can appear good and moral and just.

    When one dumps the belief in the invisible man in the sky, one realizes that life is more precious than ever. Why? Because, when it’s over, it’s really over.

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