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Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat eBay Power Seller

Posted by boviggs on October 15, 2007

Wow, what a sad bunch of losers on both sides.  The Dems for wasting time on this letter, and the right-wingnuts for wasting time trying to defend a fat mean-spirited loudmouth who avoided the military while claiming to be a military saviour, has divorced 2 or 3 times, has allegedly procured illegal prescription meds while at the same time lambasting illegal drug use, and claims to have the high moral ground while being one of the loudest most hypocritical windbags out there.  That said, the money goes to a good cause, so bid away…

Rush Limbaugh Earns Big Money From Senate Letter Chastising Him



5 Responses to “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat eBay Power Seller”

  1. Michael said

    LMFAO @ Boviggs. Because you are clearly dense, I doubt you’ve even read your own post, let me paraphrase. You start out by saying “bunch of losers on both sides”. Then your leanings kick in and rest is about Rush. Well at least you don’t even pretend to have intellectual honesty. And clearly you haven’t kept up with the story. Conservatives are having a great laugh at your hapless democrat’s expense. You’re not even smart enough to understand the irony here. For the first time in history, our Senate took the time to go after a private citizen, during session, on our dime, and attempt to censor him. But you missed that. So the wonderful irony is the troops will make money off of the buffoonery of you and the other types, and we get to see the embarassment of the crackpot liberal 41. The 41 Democrat Senators that signed the letter to Rush Limbaugh’s Syndication Company (Clear Channel) have been hoodwinked by Rushbo, one again. Limbaugh has obtained their original letter and is auctioning it off on EBay with the proceeds going to a Marine Corps Charity. But then again, from your post, you aren’t even smart enough to understand why you should be concerned with what happened. So open up, drink the Kool Aid. But this question first….is this the way you live your life, ignorning the important and obvious, or simply spouting what others tell you? I think we both know the answer to that one? So let’s see your take on the Turkey Bill introduced today….as if you know what that is, what it might do, or even where Turkey is…LMFAO

  2. boviggs said

    Hey Dude,
    Thanks for commenting. Why do you say I was defending the authors of the letter? In fact, I wasn’t; I was merely denigrating that hapless dipsh*t Rush Limpballs. The letter writers aren’t much better, in this case. If you took the time to read my other posts, you’ll see that I’m no Demo, just merely Indie. So, I may drink the Kool Aid, as you say, but it’s my *own* Kool Aid.

    Peace Brother,

    P.S. Michael — Have you considered Anger Management therapy? You’ll make more friends and soil your panties much less frequently…

  3. Michael said

    Have you considered actually being informed about you post or you hapless blog? As I said, you clearly have no idea why this incident should be important to you and all people.

    So as of today, the letter is up to 175K on ebay, Rush will match the amount and of course donate to a Marine core charity of which he has supported for over 20 years. I found it interesting as an “indie” you clearly subscribe to the democrat position regarding Rush and even used a well-known democrat buzzword. So man up on being a democrat. It’s always hilarious when someone calls Rush a “hapless dipshit or some other 4th grade term…..25 million listeners, 22 years, and a success story even by hapless indie standards. At least be honest in your observations. Surely you are entitled to your own opinion, but I think it’s always instructive when a person calls himself an indie. To those of us proud enough to affilitate ourselves with a set of principles, to an indie that means hiding on neutral ground so you don’t have to stand for what you beleive lest you be called upon to uphold those principles in discussion or debate. And of course you’ll never have to worry about defending an indie candidate since one will never be elected. Politics is about getting elected. You can’t affect change, if you don’t get in office. SO that makes indies essentially irrelevant. Anger management? Pffft…Its called passion about your beliefs and core principles and not pretending to occupy some mythical safe cowardly ground.

  4. boviggs said

    Hello Michael,
    Good to hear from you again. First, I’ll address one of my biggest pet peeves — hypocrisy . You indicate that I used a “4th grade term” in describing Rush, however, in your original comment, you hurled such sophmoric gems as “Because you are clearly dense” and “You’re not even smart enough”. So, we all see that your modus operandi revolves around personal attacks and spin, not reasoned debate and discourse. Second, you claim that one must subscribe to either Democrat or Republican principles, and that having independent viewpoints is cowardly. So, if I agree wholeheartedly with Republican viewpoints A, B, & C but at the same time I agree with Democrat viewpoints X, Y, & Z — then that is cowardly? Your view seems to be that one must swallow a particular ideology — either Repub or Demo — hook, line, and sinker. I disagree. I’m interested to hear what other readers feel about Michael’s view that an independent political mindset is useless and cowardly.

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